Nara traditional Crafts Experience : Bugaku viewing Tour -奈良の伝統工芸体験・伝統舞楽鑑賞ツアー-

The following events will be held at Nara Crafts Museum. This is an opportunity to gain valuable experience, so please join us.


Tour Content (ツアー概要)

One tour allows participants to personally experience Nara’s traditional crafts. On the other tour, participants have an opportunity to experience Shinto rituals at one of Nara’s historic shrines.

The city of Nara has a history exceeding 1,300 years after Japan’s capital was relocated here (Heijo-kyo) in 710. As the eastern terminus of the Silk Road, goods and ideas from diverse cultures were exchanged here, causing Nara to prosper as a city of international culture. The techniques and designs that strongly reflected those cultures can now be found in Nara’s traditional arts and crafts.

During this event, participants have a unique opportunity to try their hand at painting a Kogakumen mask―one of Nara’s traditional crafts―under the expert guidance of a professional craftsman. At Himuro Shrine, you can also experience Shinto rituals that have been passed down through generations, such as Bugaku performances and ice lanterns.


Event date and time (開催日時)


November 15 (Wednesday), December 1 (Friday), December 15 (Friday),
January 15, 2024 (Monday)


Time (same as all schedule): Ends around 13:30-17:30 

Meeting place: Nara Crafts Museum 1st floor lobby / 集合場所:なら工藝館 1階 

Price: 22,000 yen per person (tax included) / 料金:1人 22,000円(税込) 

Participation method: Advance reservation required / 事前申し込み制

Book your participation (参加の予約)

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Crafts Experience (工芸体験)

【Traditional Crafts Experience: Painting a Kogakumen Mask(古楽面 彩色)】

In this workshop, participants can try painting a Kogakumen―a traditional mask used during Shinto rituals (Bugaku performances, etc.) at Nara’s shrines and temples. Workshop participants will be led by instructor Ryudo Nakabo, an artist who has been making these masks for over 60 years. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience while listening to his interesting talk.


Mr.Ryudo Nakabo 中坊竜童氏

Profile of Ryudo Nakabo: Born in Nara in 1940.
Up until the present time, he has been engraving Gigaku masks, Bugaku masks, Gyodo masks, Noh masks, Kyogen masks, and Buddhist statue masks.

中坊竜童氏 プロフィール

1940(昭和15)年 奈良に生まれる。伎楽面・舞楽面・行道面・能面・狂言面・仏像のマスク等の摸刻を、現在まで続ける。

Experience making “Kigeiten of Akishinoji Temple in Nara City”. 

Himuro Shrine: Experiencing Shinto Rituals
(氷室神社 神事体験)

At Nara’s historic Himuro Shrine, participants can enjoy watching Bugaku performances from special seats. As its name suggests (the character for “Hi” means ice in Japanese), Himuro Shrine is dedicated to ice. So, participants can also experience ice lanterns that are unique to this shrine.


Himuro Shrine 氷室神社

【Explanation of the event by a Shinto priest  (神職による祭事の説明)】
There will be an explanation of the event, as well as its history and culture, conducted by the Himuro Shrine priests.


【Watching a Bugaku performance (舞楽奉納)】 
At Himuro Shrine, participants will enjoy a special viewing of Bugaku: a traditional performance art passed down here from generation to generation. Himuro Shrine’s Bugaku is one of three leading Japanese theater arts that existed until the Edo Period (1603-1868). Nanto Gakuso, a theater troupe established in Nara, showcases a unique style that’s been passed down by musicians who remained in Nara. This Bugaku performance can only be seen in the city of Nara. The Bugaku performance you’ll watch uses a special mask dedicated by Ryudo Nakabo. He’s also the instructor for the mask painting workshop.


【Participation in an ice lantern ritual(氷献灯の参加)】
The ice lanterns will be lit, and participants will be invited to make a dedication. Visitors will be surrounded by a fantasy-like atmosphere created by the evening illumination of lanterns―an experience only possible at Himuro Shrine.


View exhibitions and sell crafts at Nara Crafts Museum

Nara Crafts Museum exhibits and sells Nara’s traditional crafts. Approximately 1,300 years ago, the capital (Heijokyo) was established in Nara, and it was called the final stop of the Silk Road, where cultures from all over the world flowed into Nara and various cultures developed. Many craft techniques were also introduced. Nara Kogei has passed down the techniques of those days to today, and at the Nara Kogei Museum, you can see exhibits of crafts from eight different fields.

Furthermore, even in modern times, there are many craftsmen who create crafts used in rituals at shrines and temples in Nara, and at Nara Crafts Museum, you can purchase the masterpieces of these craftsmen.



Shop (なら工藝館 販売コーナー)

【Event date and time (スケジュール)】

Meet up at Nara Kogeikan  / 13時20分 なら工藝館 集合

Nara Crafts Museum Craft Experience / 13時30分~ なら工藝館 工芸体験
Try painting a Kogakumen mask a traditional Nara craft.
Souvenir Shopping,viewing the exhibition.

Nara Guided Walking Tour / 15時45分~ ならまちガイドツアー

Himuro Shrine :Experiencing Shinto Rituals / 氷室神社 神事体験
Introduction of the shrine, ice lanterns,and Bugaku performance. / 舞楽奉納/氷献灯

End / 終了

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